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Falls Church, Virginia

La LLajta Bar & Grill

The Preview / La Previa Festival Argentino

Falls Church, Virginia·May 31, 2024
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Date:Friday, May 31, 2024
Doors:6:30 PM*
Age:All ages
Seating:Yes, seating is first come, first served
* Subject to change
La LLajta Bar & Grill
6633 Arlington Boulevard
Falls Church, Virginia 22042
Event description

🌟 Location for "The Argentine Festival Preview" in Falls Church, VA 🎉

$20 Includes: One Empanada * One Glass Wine * Awards * Artist's Show and Raffle

For Immediate Release: Diversity Diplomacy Matters!

Falls Church, VA - The organization of the Argentine Festival Preview event, originally scheduled to take place at the Embassy of Argentina, will now be held at The Grand LA LLAJTA @HOTEL CLARION in Falls Church, VA. Despite the change of venue, the event will continue to offer an unforgettable experience in an elegant ballroom with tables and chairs, a cash bar, and free parking.

The event, titled "The Preview and HONOR Awards 2024" under the theme Diversity Diplomacy Matters, will proceed as planned, honoring the legend of the Argentine festival, Marco Antonio Etcheverry, a prominent footballer. It will feature the presence of distinguished personalities MC Leonardo Agudelo and artists such as Carlos Gutiérrez and Partner, Los Alonsitos, Brios, Julián Oderiz, Adriana Argentino Ballet Folclórico SOL CUYANO, Ernesto Alberto Cuello, Salvatore, the Diva of Tango & Folklore MARIELA MARCO, Sr. CARNAVAL MEMO VILTE, among other invited artists from Argentina and the United States.

Event Details:

• Date: Saturday, May 31, 2024.

• Time: Reception starting at 6:30 pm.

• Location: The Grand LA LLAJTA @HOTEL CLARION, 6633 Arlington Blvd. Falls Church, VA 22042.

• RSVP: Purchase tickets at Tickeri.com. Inquiries can be made before May 21 through info@festivalargentinousa.com or by calling 703.212.5850.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Metro Latino USA - Revistas Latinos - El Imparcial and more to be confirmed for their continuous support and commitment to promoting Argentine culture in the United States.

We thank all those involved for their support of the Argentine Cultural Festival Series. In particular, we extend our gratitude to Daniel Manzoni for his 40 years of voluntary dedication, as well as to his wife Carmen Manzoni and all participants for their support.

The Argentine Festival is generously supported by our sponsors and partners, including Alfredo Forti of Ámsterdam and Partners LLC, Eduardo Zavala and Michelle Harris, Kaiser Permanente, Visit Fairfax, Silvia Radwan-Revista Latinos, Yvette Jurado-Robles, La Llajta, and Tickeri.com.

For press inquiries, please contact: Daniel Manzoni: info@festivalargentinousa.com Phone: 703.212.5850

We look forward to celebrating this historic event together and continuing to promote Argentine culture in the United States.



Agradecemos a todos por su apoyo incondicional a la labor de la Serie de Programas Festival Argentino de Cultura.

El Directorio del Festival expresa su gratitud a Daniel Manzoni por 40 años de voluntariado, así como a su esposa Carmen Manzoni y a todos los participantes por su apoyo.

El Festival Argentino cuenta con el patrocinio de Alfredo Forti de Ámsterdam and Partners LLC; la subvención de Eduardo Zavala y Michelle Harris, Jose Antonio, Revista Latinos, Kesta Happening & Tickeri.com.

Beneficia a la Escuela Nro. 1 Pascuala Mugaburu, MDP, y promueve la misión caritativa de Alianza Latina, liderada por Silvia Radwan.

Agradecemos a Marco A. Etcheverry, Yasmin Paraskevas, artistas, medios, anunciantes, puestos, patrocinadores, voluntarios y a la Embajada de Argentina por su apoyo a nuestros eventos culturales. También extendemos nuestro agradecimiento a Iris Producciones, Josué Martínez, El Poder de Ser Mujer, Sonia Gutierrez, Lisa McFarren Polgar, Ricardo Varrenti Ing. Sonido, MC Leandro Agudelo y más por confirmar!

Agradecemos a patrocinadores, expositores, medios, artistas, participantes y voluntarios. También a Kaiser Permanente, Visit Fairfax, Tickeri, Alianza Latina, Yvette Jurado-Robles, Medios de Prensa y mas por confirmar.

¡No se lo pierdan! ¡40 años de servicio y 37 ediciones del Comité!

¡Gracias por su apoyo! Thank you for your support!

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