New York, New York

HK Hall

Malacates Trebol Shop 25th Anniversary Tour New York City

New York, New York·September 23, 2022
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Date:September 23, 2022
Doors:10:00 PM *
Show:Contact event organizer *
Seating:Yes, seating available with VIP purchase
* Subject to change
HK Hall
605 West 48th Street
New York, New York 10036
Event description
Chapines Entertainment Presenta;
Malacates Trebol Shop 25th Anniversary Tour New York City, DJ Francis Davila, Domingo Lemus mas conocido como el Puro Mula, y Karla Herrante ganadora de la Academia!!!
Acompañanos a celebrar el mes de Independencia de Guatemala. 
Para mas información comunicate al (347)348-6001
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