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New York, New York

Metropolitan West

5o Perú to the World Expo

New York, New York·September 18, 2016
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Date:Sunday, September 18, 2016
Doors:3:00 PM*
Age:Contact event organizer
Seating:Contact event organizer
* Subject to change
Metropolitan West
635 West 46th Street
New York, New York 10036
Event description
Culinary Tasting & Pisco Cocktail, from 30 Top Peruvian Chef in USA
International Seminar: Peru Strategic Food Supplier for the World -Speaker: 
Peruvian Minister of Commerce, Eduardo Ferreyros
Words of the Guest of Honor: President of Perú, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski

$100 All inclusive Tickets : All food & drinks included + Seminar
Also a special show featuring Peruvian dancers and singers, along with access to the International Seminar : Peru Strategic Food Supplier For The World 
El costo de $100 por Ticket incluye todo: Toda la comida y bebida
  Show de los artistas de danzas y cantantes, también el acceso al Seminario Internacional : Perú, Proveedor Estratégico de alimentos para el mundo
web: www.perutotheworldexpo.com


Join us on a journey through the amazing Peruvian culture!. You will find out why Perú has been heralded for five consecutive year as The Top Culinary Destination of The Wold by Tasting its flavors and experiencing the diversity and innovation of its cuisine that delight our senses.

Peru To The World: Culinary Tasting and Pisco Cocktail will count with the presence of the President of Peru, Mr. Pedro Pablo Kuczynski as our Guest of Honor. Featuring live cooking demonstrations by 30 Top Peruvian Chefs, who will be sampling their best dishes, an exhibit of Peruvian products and International Seminar. Guests will also be entertained with music and dance shows.

The event will have three special components in addition to the presence of, and words from, Peru's newly elected President:

- International Food & Beverage Seminar (SFSFW)  - an afternoon seminar with speakers from Peru's Ministry of Commerce and other food industry trendsetters who will reinforce Peru's role as a strategic food provider for the world and offer exportable food products from Peru for sampling.

- Peru To The World Expo Culinary Tasting and Pisco Cocktail Celebration

-Cocktails featuring premium Pisco brands like Macchu Pisco, Portón, Pisco 100, and Cerveza Cusqueña beer 

Restaurants & Chefs confirmed: Panca NYC; Runa Peruvian Cuisine, Delizzioso Restaurant; Mission Ceviche; Tete's Restaurant; La Chacra Restaurant; Surfish Bistro; Paracas Restaurant, among others.

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