Event - Peruvian Fest Chim Pum Callao LA 2022 - Los Angeles, California - 21 de agosto de 2022 | concert tickets

Los Angeles, California

LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes

Peruvian Fest Chim Pum Callao LA 2022

Los Angeles, California·21 de agosto de 2022
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Fecha:domingo, 21 de agosto de 2022
Puertas:2:00 p.m.*
Asientos:Sí, asientos disponibles con compra VIP
* Sujeto a cambios
LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes
501 North Main Street
Los Angeles, California 90012
Información del evento
Yambu Productions presents: Peruvian Fest Chim Pum Callao LA 2022

***VIP seating areas 
*21 & OVER

Peruvian Celebration is back in Los Angeles
Peruvian Fest Chim Pum Callao LA is exposing Peruvian culture to the City of Los Angeles. Celebrating the anniversary of the creation of the Port of EL CALLAO, the festival will showcase a variety of internationally recognized Peruvian cuisine, as well as traditional drinks. In addition, Peruvian Fest Chim Pum Callao will share the different styles and sounds of Peruvian music and dance.
Peruvian Fest Chim Pum Callao LA' mission is not only to highlight Peruvian culture with music, art, dance, culinary delicacies and specialty drinks, bringing the Peruvian community together, but also introduce Angelenos to the rich heritage of Peru. 


11:00 am: Doors Open 

12:00 pm: Raices Peruanas Dance Company (Erbelia Espejo)

1:30 pm: Afro Peruvian Experience Dance Company (Nadia Camet)

3:00 pm Salsa Peruana w/ The Echo Park Project feat. Roosevelt "El Presidente de la Salsa"

5:00 pm: Spanish Harlem Orchestra - Three-time Grammy Winner 

7:00 pm: Homenaje a la Cumbia Peruana feat. Jose Luis Carballo & Gino Gamboa

To All Festival Attendees: This event may be broadcast or otherwise published, and by entering, attendees hereby grants permission to utilize the attendee's image or likeness in connection with any live or recorded transmission or reproduction of this event.

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