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Orlando, Florida

Majestic Event Center


Orlando, Florida·6 de octubre de 2024
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Fecha:domingo, 6 de octubre de 2024
Puertas:11:00 a.m.*
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Majestic Event Center
801 North John Young Parkway
Orlando, Florida 32804
Información del evento

PATRIA PERUANA FEST, is the first gastronomic, cultural and business event in Orlando, Florida; It is aimed to North American and Latin investors, where they will find an INVESTMENT ROAD SHOW with Workshops and advice with recognized professionals in the gastronomic field in Peru.

We have developed a unique experience where we will present the coast, mountains and jungle, through a gastronomic and experiential tour.

Guests will enter to a room where they will live a first 4D museum experience, they will put on bluetooth headphones and 3D glasses to live the tour of the COAST, MOUNTAINS and JUNGLE, with music that will change in each area and a voice will guide them through our main tour, cultural and of course gastronomic attractions, showing images of appetite appeal (appetite opening) that will show some of our main dishes, opening the way for what comes next.

At the end of the tour and in the same style of the theme parks, we will find a culinary experience room where our selection of peruvian chefs will be, as well as virtual reality helmets and interaction with musicians and dancers that will make the experience unique and interactive.

While entering to the show area, we can find the exhibition of the various proposals of the vendors, as well as gamesactivities of sponsors and the stage with shows and music throughout the day.

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